Why Should I Attend An Event?

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Why Should I Attend An Event

Have you ever been told to get to an event and asked yourself why should I attend an event?

And if so don't feel bad I did to when I heard this.

As you see in this picture above this was my first network marketing event I have ever been too.

I will talk about this one and network marketing mastermind event that I went too.

Honestly it took a lot for me to go to my first event I will share that with you soon.

Just want to get a few things out of the way real quick.

I am not going to sit here and tell you that you have to go to any event.

If you really can't decide on going or not going I will tell you don't go.

WHAT David?

Yes that is right don't GO.

But I heard it their are so many good things when you go to an event.

This is true now hear me out I am going to make this clear for you.

why most entrepreneurs get this part right hear wrong most of the time even I did at first to.

Here is where most entrepreneurs go wrong.

You need to be clear what you want out of the event and your reason why you would want this to happen.

For Example like with me when I went to my first event, I went there to see if this is really real or fake as hell and talk to people about how they felt about the company.

Yes this was a good enough reason why to go to an event but I could of gotten so much more out of the event.

If I spend a little more time on what I could of got out of that event.

If I have done a few things different which I will share with you so you won't have to make the same mistakes I made.

But before I do that I have to warn you about some problems that can stop you if you not aware of them and why I said don't go if you can't decide what to do.

The biggest problem you can have when going to an event not being focus on why you went there for.

Instead of worrying about your circumstance or any problems you are facing.

Why is this a big deal?

I am so glad you ask this.

Just think about it for a second, have you ever experience and you missed a part of a conversation cause you where thinking about your circumstance or problem your facing.

You see if that happens to you while you are at an event you might miss the most important part of why you went there or a person you needed to connect with.

Aspire Digital Altitude, Project Apex

So you might just waste some money or even worst your time.

There are some leaders out there that will tell you need to go to all there events.

And some them might tell you, if you don't go they won't work with you.

At the end of the day it is about you not them so don't let any one push you to make a decision.

This is your decision and no one else to make.

I would say make the fastest decision as you can regardless if it is No or Yes.

If you are not sure then you should say no unless you know why you are going there.

What Kind Of Events Entrepreneurs Go Too?

What Kind Of Events Entrepreneurs Go Too?

There are so many kind of events that we have to chose from.

So where do you go then?

How do you chose which one to go to.

First I would start in a company event that you want to be a part of.

There are other few events I would suggest going to will give you a list of a few of them at the end of this paragraph.

And why you want to go to the company's event that you want to be a part of.

Well besides all the entrepreneurs you will get to meet there.

You can get a invite to a team network marketing mastermind event or make some really good connections there.

Also get to meet some of the amazing leaders in that company as well.

I like in my first event this was pretty amazing for me.

I have met so many great people there that where going after their dream.

To talk them was so great to know there are other people out there doing the something.

And you will see so many people at so many levels in those events going after their dreams.

Why is this important, you will know you are not the only one out there doing this and you not alone.

Here are a list of some of the event.

  1. See if the Company that you are in has an event to go to.
    (If not no big deal their are plenty of other events to go to.)
  2. You can go to Jv Zoo's The Marketing Mayhem Event.
  3. You can go to Affiliate Summit.
  4. You can go to Traffic and Conversion summit.
  5. You can go to The Markers Cruise.
  6. Also see if you can get in a mastermind event this is a big plus to get in.

I mean I could make a list that is over 2 to 3 pages of events to go to here are just a few to them.

So also do your own research speak to some people too.

If you want to connect with you can always go to my Contact me page or my facebook fan page or even my profile I am not that hard to get in contact with.

I know in the Diamond Club my mentor holds a mastermind event once a year in July for his student and senior coaches.

My First Network Marketing Mastermind Event!

My First Network Marketing Mastermind Event

This photo is actually my 3rd Mastermind event I went to my first one I didn't find any of them but I also been to a lot of events to.

I will share some of those pictures of the events that I have been to on the bottom of this post.

So a Mastermind event is totally different the from most events.

In a mastermind event you won't have a lot of speakers talking about different strategy or story's on how they got to the top.

They are helpful but this is not what a mastermind event is about.

Think about for a second Master Mind...

Yes this is where more then 1 person gets together sharing thoughts, strategy's, tips, tricks, and etc or insight on a particular subject or even to work on a goal to reach.

What can you get from a mastermind event if you ever decide to go to one.

Well beside that you will be gathered with entrepreneurs in this type of events.

Here is one of the best part everyone knows what you are doing.

A lot of things happen from this kind of event you might find a tip or trick to use the will improve on a strategy that you are using as well as giving some else a tip or trick that could help them. 

Also you could get or give resources that wasn't known before to you or the other entrepreneurs due to this mastermind.

You can also find great business partner as well as a business opportunity.

So How Do You Get To An Event To Meet Entrepreneurs?

So How Do You Get To An Event To Meet Entrepreneurs?

Well first lets start with what is an event?

Did you know something as a google hangout, a webinar, a training video, you signing up for an opportunity as well as reading a book is an event.

The list can go on and on is that crazy lets brake this down.

An event is.

  1. A social gathering or activity such as an mastermind even something like New York City ComicCon and etc...
  2. The actual or final outcome or result...
  3. Any one contest in a programme of sporting or other contests being held...
  4. Something that takes place, especially a significant occurrence...

So remember a trip to a store can be an event or even going to work to.

Now that we got that out of the way, lets get into how you get to one of those event to meet  these entrepreneurs.

Here is the key to find some of these places where these entrepreneurs meet at besides the list of places i gave  you above.

It is called networking, talking to people and connecting with them.

We are all over the place and connect with us we love meeting new people as well as helping them.

Guess what we are all over the place they might even be in one of the store you shop at.

Now I am not telling to go in to Walmart and ask everybody under the sun if they are an entrepreneur or if they know where the next event is at.

Just do a little research, we are a lot easier to find then you think we are, we even might be your best friend or your next door neighbor.

Here is a tip to find some of us entrepreneurs you can search on Facebook, YouTube, google, even going to an event regardless if it is a google hangout or a live event and connect with a person.

There are more then just these places to find us, this why I am telling you to do your own research.

If you want you can always connect with me either at my contact me page or either one of my social media sites below this post.

I found this post on 13 Things Not to Do at a Networking Event BY YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR COUNCIL  

I am going to share the first 5 with you, they are all good points that are being made here.

Knowing these thing is a big helping hand for you when you decide to go to one of these events.

Well here are the first 5 things not to do at these kind of events. 

1. Don't go to networking events with friends.

Too often, people are intimidated by networking events, so they ask friends to come along. Then they spend the whole event talking to no one but the people they already know. I try to make a point to go to networking events by myself when I can. This forces me to branch out and meet new people, and I've made some really amazing connections this way.--Allie Siarto, Fare Oak

2. Don't try to meet everyone in sight; curate connections instead.

I used to introduce myself to lots of people at networking events, gathering business cards so I could call them later. Then I realized that a brief conversation doesn't really develop a relationship, and calling people you've only met briefly isn't much different from cold calling them. Now, I make sure to spend good quality time with a few people rather than a little time with a lot of people.--Vladimir Gendelman, Company Folders, Inc.

3. Don't forget to follow up.

Follow up with the people you connect with. Do something to maintain that connection. Add their contact information to your address book or add them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Whatever it is, do something to keep that connection alive.--Lane Campbell, Syntress SCDT

4. Don't waste time with sales-oriented people.

I've learned not to spend too much time networking with people who are solely concerned with selling me on something.--Matthew Moisan, Moisan Legal, P.C.

5. Don't be a stalker.

I never practice stalker networking, which may be defined as endlessly pursuing contact with someone who has not responded to you. I follow the 3/6 rule of networking: Contact a new person (online, never by phone) three times in a period of six weeks. If you don't hear back, move on to someone more receptive.--Alexandra Levit, Inspiration at Work

To go read the rest of the 13 Things Not to Do at a Networking Event BY YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR COUNCIL Go Here

Here Are Some Of The Pictures From Some Of The Events I Been To

Here Are Some Of The Pictures From Some Of The Events I Been To

At this event I was in line waiting to get in to get seated this may look like a lot of people. But going to Comic Cons  this is really small amount of people. But 2 different kinds of events. This was the Impact event from EN in 2013. What is great about going to these you get to connect with some awesome people. And why do you want to connect with people? Look what happened to me because I connected with people at event like this.

I got to meet one of my coaches who taught me at about marketing. Also got connected with other leaders because of this. Remember I also met my mentor at an event like this and locked arms about a year later from when we met. You can also find out about places like the marketers cruise or even privet masterminds that you might be able to attend. Below is a pic of a privet network marketing mastermind event that I attended in 2014.

My Empire Pro Mastermind Event 2014

Here I was at My Empire Pro Mastermind Event in 2014. What is great about these kinds of mastermind they are small a lot easier to get a lot of question answered or even ideas to improve your marketing. As well as make stronger connection do to the fact it is a smaller group of people.

You will have more time to make a connection with a person at one of these masterminds. Another great thing about this kind of event is that you just might get a great tip that could save you a whole lot of time by leveraging a system or using a process that someone there might share with you. 

NYC Comic Con 2014 Event

This was NYC Comic Con 2014 had a really great time here. This is a different type of event to go to. But you do meet so many great people there. Beside that probably thinking what does this have to do with marketing and networking a lot more the you would think. Let me explain what I am talking about.

For an example check this post out I go over one of the ways a vendor in Comic Con builds their list for the movie AVATAR Go Here To See what I am talking about. And they are not the only one doing something like that.

The best thing about Comic Con is you never know who you will run into. You might run into people like SGT SLAUGHTER, Yaya Han and so many more people that you could meet at this event. Oh yeah some of the costumes are mind blowing and the work that goes into them. You can check always my Welcome page I got some more picture are there as well. Here is a short video to show how many people are there WOW.

#comiccon2014NYCPact like a can of sardinesHad an awesome weekend omgSo many amazing people there#lifestyle#LIVEYOURDREAMS

Posted by David Barina on Sunday, October 12, 2014

NYC Time Square My Empire Pro Mastermind Event 2015

This time at NYC Time Square  I was at My Empire Pro Mastermind Event in 2015 this was after one of the days we all went to Time Square. After we were done with the mastermind on Saturday we decided to walk around Time Square and look at how everyone and business market themselves or their business in a busy and noisy area.

You can learn so much from doing something like this regardless where it is at. Such as shopping for a car, house, electronics, cell phones, and etc. Just look at Walmart, McDonald, JcPenny, Macy, even some of your corner stores pantry, local market places and etc...

So always keep your eye open beside you can learn some marketing improvements or see some that could be made. You might meet some awesome people.
The Markers Cruise

The Markers Cruise this is a whole different level of an event to go to. OMG the places you go and the people you meet is so amazing. Never mind the connection  you will make or the things you could learn there. What blew my mind is 24 hours soft Ice Cream and pizza at midnight. We were at Grand Turk when we took this picture.

Now what kind of people you can meet here? Well you can meet all kinds of people here such as Doctors, Authors, Investors, all kinds of Markers, Programmers, Website Designers and etc. Even some people you might run into might have many hats like BEE BEE said.  If you ever go to this just make sure you are clear why you are going there for.

The excursions are so amazing you could really have some fun while you are there and see some amazing sites. It is like work and a vacation at the same time. Just that part alone totally blew my mind. This is not your normal event to go to.

Here Is A Video From One Of Ted Talks Events With Tony Robbins...

Why am I sharing this video with you besides it is Tony Robbins, he is making a lot of good valid points on making decisions in life. So I felt that this would be good to help you also make a decision on if you should go to an event. And on top of that this just might help you with some life decision. We all face challenges in our life regardless who we are doesn't matter if it is good or bad. Sometimes we might need to hear this. Remember as long as you are learning from what you are doing in life regardless if it is good or bad we must learn from it. Their is an old saying if you are not growing you dying. This goes for anything in life.

So what kind of events have you attend and why? Also what did you get out of the event that you where at? We all see a different point of view of what happens in life.

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