Never Give Up Never Surrender

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I writing this post on never give up never surrender because a lot of us fight this feeling on our journey to success. 

We all fight this battle I don't care who you are you will face it one day or already have. Sometime we need a little motivation or inspiration.

I seen so many people give up and they where so close to getting to the point where they would of start seeing success.

This video was made by TheMajin16 on youtube.

Under each video I will share some of my stories and challenges I faced to show you are not the only one who is facing it or faced it.

Well at the end of the day we got 2 choices.

Either we can choose to survive or you can choose to succeed.

Listen having fear is normal to have you just have to choose what you want, not me or anyone else.

Just yourself.

I remember when I first started my journey to success I have faced a lot of challenges on my way it been about 3 years since I had to answer to a boss.  

Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.

In the year 2001 I threw in the towel and went back to a JOB.

So when and what got me back to this journey again?

We will get into that in a little bit.

So back on the job scene yes I was getting by and moving up slowly.

But in back of my head I knew I was not truly happy.

So I bounce around looking for a better JOB each job I found the pay got better.

That sound really good to you... Right?

Well here is the real kick in the ass!

No matter how better the pay or the job was I wasn't truly happy.

At the end of the day that is what really matters the most.

And believe me as a machinist the pay was great the people where great to.

I don't know about you I have this problem with asking someone when I can take off or spending my time with my family you never know when they are going to go.

Which brings me to when I pick the towel back up again which it was around 2008 and why I did it.

In April the unexpectable happen to me on my way home from work and this change my life forever.

What happen David?

Around 7:15 am in the morning I found Myself in the AIR FLYING due to the fact a lady turn right in front of me.

What a fucking impact this had on my life.

This is when I started to question what do I really want out of life.

So yes we will all face challenges in our life.

Like my mentor told me success will test your faith.

Boy what a test to have don't get it twisted I am grateful and thankful to still be on this earth to tell my story.

Thank god I was only doing 40 MPH when that happen to me.

And yes my life flash in front of my eyes and I felt like a dead man walking didn't even sleep until 48 hours later, I was so pumped up with adrenaline.

Well 3 months later I had anther motorcycle built thanks to the help from one of my best friend.

And a year later I went for knee surgery In-between all the X-Rays And MRI'S I had I was glowing in the dark! Just kidding...

That is what I was laid up at home for over 6 months really couldn't do much at that time.

And I really don't like being still for long periods of time.

So I had my laptop I whipped it out and started doing some research looking for a way to earn extra income from home.

Yes I was out on disability realizing what my checks look like pushed me harder to look for a way to stay home and earn money.

I mean I almost tried everything from push buttons software to reading emails.

It felt like doing burn outs but it wasn't cool at all at least on my motorcycle it was a lot more fun.

This is where having a coach and mentor can help you they already been down the path your about to go down.

It took me a while to realize this because ego got in my way to making this decision.

Even before making that decision I started to read books and going to events and started to connect with people.

Which lead me to one of my coaches who taught me a lot about making and the right way of getting people to your offer.

At this point I didn't realize that I was apart of a team and the greatest thing is we all learn from each other and give each other hope.

So having a team can be the biggest help.

Which leads me to my next video.

Aspire Digital Altitude, Project Apex

Warning this video has Explicit Language

This video was made by GodfatherCA on youtube.

A Team All Work As One

Having a team working as one building empires together.

There are so many pluses being with a team beside you are not alone.

We all pushing each other forward to excel to achieve things you normally wouldn't do by yourself.

And being around like minded people you will find the greatest power.

NO it is not the team but it will bring out your greatest power out of you just look at this picture below and let this sink in for a sec...

The Greatest Power Lies Within Yourself 2.0

This is where most newbies and me as well went wrong, so many time in the beginning looking at the desire I wanted.

Sorry to tell you will need more then just a desire to get where you want to go or get.

I don't care how much you want it, if there is no need for it, it will be a lot harder to achieve.

Watch the video above again even Goku talks about this to his son.

Don't get me wrong a desire will point to where you want to go but a need will bring you there as long as you Take Action...

And using the pain of loss start thinking what if you don't do what you are trying to achieve and what is going to happen and what your life is going to look like if you don't do it.

Like I said before we got only 2 choices.

Either we can choose to survive or you can choose to succeed.

That is right this is your choice to make how you want life to be.

No one else to make but you, you will have to decide.  

I hope you choose to succeed regardless what you do.

Our best hope is to keep pushing forward.

I will explain why below this video.

This video was made by GodfatherCA on youtube.

Our best hope Is To Keep Pushing Forward

Now If I gave up instead of keep pushing forward and go after my dreams.

I would still be answering to a boss and you already know how I feel about that.

And besides that if I didn't keep pushing forward I wouldn't have access to the tools and resources I have now.

I wouldn't be a part of a team either or even have access to this system I am leveraging now.

I remember in the beginning how hard it felt when I started this journey to success.

Here is another mistake I made in the beginning, I use to focus on the problem and not the solutions.

Don't get me wrong you should be aware of the problem.

And then ask what can I do about this problem and write them down.

If you don't know don't beat yourself up for not knowing the solutions you can use.

This is where having a coach, mentor as well as a team to work with you are not alone.

You will just have to reach out and ask and come to a solution to your problem that you have.

Or even better yet you just might know something that one of your team members might need to know and you can help them out.

Let me tell you something that is one of the best feelings to have knowing something you know helped one of your team member.

That can go a long way you as well as that member and the rest of the team.

We all help each other to keep pushing forward.

Which leads me to the next video.

Don't buy into yours or anybody else excuses. 

Warning this video has Explicit Language

This video was made by GodfatherCA on youtube.

No Excuses Don't Buy Into Them

Yeah this video is a little harsh but excuses are going to get you no where.

Something I had to learn in the beginning of my journey.

I am not going to sit here and tell you everything is go to be peaches and cream skipping through a field of daisies.

You will face challenges and even might have some problems stand in your way.

Like I was talking about before don't focus on the problem be aware of them but focus on the solution.

What are you going to do about it that is question.

Feeling sorry for yourself is going to get you no ware.

You even might get angry as well, use that pain to push you to do something about it.

you only got two choices to make either survive or succeed. 

With me in the beginning I struggled with having a coach and mentor.

It was an ego thing with me I can do this by my self.

Which I could of but here is the kick in the ass, if you don't have or someone to talk to.

It will be a lot harder and it can take you a lot longer to get there.

But when I realize that I wasn't happy with the result I started to talk to some people in some of the events I have been to.

This means I started to network building my connections this is how I found my coaches and mentors.

So start connecting with people and talk to them you never know what can happen.

Just go out there and get the life you want.

You deserve nothing but the best.

Let me know what part of this post has helped you to get motivate or inspire you to never give up or just keep pushing forward.

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