Marketing Strategy To Help My Conversion Rates

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Marketing Strategy To Help My Conversion Rates

This is 1 of the biggest question on marketing strategy to help with conversion rates regardless if it is traffic to sales or even leads to sale. They are both very good question to ask. Sometime this question stop some people from moving forward. There are a few reason why this happens. I will share a few of them with you. Here is a list of the. 

  1. Fear Of Lost Or Failing 
  2. Information Over Load 
  3. No Mentor For Guidance
  4. No community For support 
  5. Lack Of Time 
  6. Lack Of Money
  7. Not Using The Right System or not using one

All of  these could make a challenge for you even just one for them could cause cause you problem with your conversion rate. This is one of the reason I am writing this post. Also got inspired to this by reading this post written on "How to get and generate leads for network marketing with ‘irregular’ HIGH CONVERSION RATE." feel free to check out this post. There is a lot good information here as well.

What Does Conversion Rate Mean?

What Is a Conversion Rate Mean?It is the percentage of visits to your blog or capture page for most of us. A conversion is either a leads, or  sales of some kind, typically related to the number of visits to your site VS Leads or sales. I will share a few examples with you so you will have a understanding how it works and why it is important. 1st Example is traffic to leads. Lets say you got 100 visitor and 30 leads. So how do you figure that out it is really easy to figure that out. It goes like this Leads ÷ Visitor = your rate. So it will look like this 30÷100=.3 this means you will have a 30% rate. Now lets go to the 2nd Example is 3 sales to 30 leads. this is how you figure your sale rate out it Sales ÷ leads = your rate. So it will look like this 3÷30=.1 this means you will have a sale rate of 10%. I found this and I think this can be useful for you you shouldn't base everything on just conversion rates.

Why "Conversion Rate" Isn't the Answer to All Your Problems

Here are 5 reasons you should never take an overall site conversion rate at face value:


1. A Higher Conversion Rate Doesn't Always Mean Higher Performance

The simplest way to explain this is through an example. Here are the stats for 2 days of activity on an ecommerce site:


  • Day 1: 4% conversion rate. (5000 visits, 200 sales)
  • Day 2: 10% conversion rate. (1000 visits, 100 sales)

On day 2, conversion was more than double the rate from day 1. Yet, reading the actual numbers hidden behind the overall conversion rates, it's easy to see day 1 was a much better day for the business (assuming all outgoing costs were the same).


2. Not All Visits to Your Site Have the Potential to Convert

When focusing on a headline conversion number, we're pretending that every visit to our site is a potential sale. While that might be true for a particular PPC landing page, its very rarely true for an entire site.


Visitors may be checking the status of their orders, looking for your phone number, checking your 'careers' page, grabbing a link to email to a friend, or any number of other tasks. Focusing purely on improving your overall conversion rate from any given visit ignores all of those other possibilities.


3. Making Your Site More Engaging May Reduce Your Conversion Rate

Let's say you have a pure ecommerce site, with absolutely no content other than products. Your average customer comes to the site once a month and buys once every two months.


To try and improve this, you add a blog to the site with really engaging content. Suddenly, your average customer is visiting the site twice a week.


To maintain your conversion rate, you'd have to persuade your long, loyal customers to buy once per week, instead of once every two months. In other words, your site has most definitely improved, but it's very likely your headline conversion rate will go down.


I found this post written by Dan Barker so i shared some of this with you. So if you want to read more about this you can go here to read more on it. 

Here is Conversion Optimization STRATEGY to keep in mind

conversion optimization strategy

Your website has two kind of conversions:

  1. On-page actions= is a kind of micro-conversion.
  2. Revenue-base conversions= this is the ones that support your business goals.

On-page actions such as an add-to-cart’s and contact, opp in form submissions. Revenue-base conversions are things like sales and leads for your sales funnel that that will lead them to your offer, products, services and etc...

For these types of conversions, your conversion rate will be on these six factors:

  1. Value proposition – A business or marketing statement that summarizes why a consumer should buy a product or use a service. This statement should convince a potential consumer that one particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings
  2. Relevance – How does the content on your page match with your readers are expecting to see and how close does your value proposition match their needs?
  3. Clarity – How clear is the main message your are giving them, also your value proposition and call-to-action?
  4. Anxiety – Are there things on your page or missing from your page that will make them uncertain in your customer’s mind?
  5. Distraction – What is the first thing they will see on your the page? Will this help them or hurt your main intention? What does your page give that will disconnect them or not on point?
  6. Urgency – Ask yourself why should your readers take action now and what incentives does your offers, and presentation will move them to action immediately?

These are the six things that you should understand to be able to make conversion rate improvements as well as your revenue in your marketing strategies that you use. Now if you are looking for support from a community and learn how to get you hands on my mentor’s prospecting system into your business just click on the banner below.

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