How to Stay Motivated During Tough Times

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How to Stay Motivated During Tough Times

Yes this is a very hard thing to do during hard times so how to stay motivated?

This is a question that keeps coming up all over the place.

I know in any field you are in  this question will be there.

And as an entrepreneur or any preneur you claim that you are your faith will be tested.

Even as a leader or even mentor yes you will defiantly face this even newbies too.

Success doesn't discriminate it will test all our faith and we will have to face it.

So how do you stay motivated when shit hits the fan and you got no where to turn.

Well there is good news there are so many was to get motivated when this happen.

You will have to search deep down inside yourself and pull it right out of you.

Remember we only get one life so how do you want to go out?

This is a question you will have to ask yourself and be dead up real with yourself.

Do you want to be remembered as that person that gave up on your dreams.

Or do you want to be remembered as that person gave everything you got to get to your dreams.

And how do you start to get like this we will get in depth about this because there are really a lot of ways to get motivated.

Now with this be said I will share with what goes through my mind when i am facing this.

Staying motivated at may not be the easiest thing to do.

The first this you is A plan and not just any-old plan.

You will need a plan with a strategy behind it and No Plan B.

And if you have a Plan B It will need to a real special one and I will share mines with you.

Yes that is right I have a Plan B and what is your Plan B when you said you shouldn't have a plan B?

I am so glad you ask this question.

Are you ready...

Are you sure...

Ok here we go my Plan B is to do what ever it Fucking takes to make Plan A to work!, even when I am facing temporary defeat.

Yes it is that simple.

How to Stay Motivated When Tough Times Are Here

Just remember while your sleeping, playing, complaining, and etc...

There is someone up mastering there craft and not stopping until they passed out or collapse.

Here are two motivational videos that remind me of that every time I listen to them.

And i will share a little secret with sometimes I listen to them while i am mastering my craft I will share a little bit more with you in this post. 

I am Not Going To Stop Until I Collapse

Just Lose Yourself And Go For It!!!

There is a down side to this to if you not aware of it and that is not cool either.

So I will also let you know about it since we only got 24 hours in a day.

Just realize that time is the one thing we got we can't get back so use it wisely.

You will need to pay attention to the time you are using either replay or searching for it can be counter productive if not careful you can loses hours.

When I use music it usually for blocking distraction or maybe to speed up my flow of my output and listing to songs like this gets me amped and yes there are others ones out there.

You will just have to find one that will help you move.

We all get motivated for different reason too here is another great post.

The best tip i can give you on staying motivated is really to find out why do you want this in your life and what is your purpose for doing that. 

Well the real power comes with in yourself it is up to you to find it.

Here is an awesome post telling how to tap in this power that we all have.

Here is a 2 hour training on Tony Robbins Rapid Planning Method better known as (RPM)

Here is something I knew when I got started this would of change the way I though of starting my business.

So really take advantage of this information by implementing this in your life.

Not saying this is going to be easy but you will always be able to tap in your greatest power which is inside of all of us.

Here Are 5 Great Article To Stay Motivated

  1. Top 3 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Networker in Entrepreneurship By Ola Togun
  2. 80 Tips and Tricks to Help Avoid Procrastination By Maria Barina
  3. 10 time management tips for procrastinators By Patricia Rapold
  4. 7 Ways Entrepreneurs Stay Motivated By Adam Fridman
  5. What drives great entrepreneurs By David Skok

What Motivated Us to See Eye To Eye As Leaders


Oh yeah I almost forgot about my last post I was suppose to answer a questions from this post right here on How Important Is Leadership In Business...

The Question: I remember Tom asking me why don’t you want to be the patrol leader for?  You should of seen his face, he had that look “that is how I exactly feel too”

What did we both said to each other that day I won't ever forget it was like magic to me and was in a state of shock cause of what will happen next was unbelievable.

This was the first time ever seeing something like this happen right in front of my eyes.

The first question I asked Tom was where do you want to talk in front of the troops or do you want to talk in private it is up to you.

And he said let's talk in private so we did.

We went to a room where nobody was at and I look straight at him and I see you really don't want to be a patrol leader and I am just wondering why you took this position.

He seemed a little nervous at first until I said hey relax listen I didn't want to be an assistant patrol leader either or a patrol leader.

Don't worry I am not mad at you, this is not your fault neither of us plan for this to happen.

And I looked straight at him and said we both know who did this so let's not fight amongst us we both will make some mistakes along the way but we can work together and have less mistakes to deal with.

Now he seem to be not as tense so I busted out laughing I was like them assholes.

He was like what!

I said so the leadership made you an offer you couldn't refuse to take this position.

He put his head down and said yes and I said cool I hope it will help you out and he told me it will him.

So now I was like listen we both know we both don't want either position so let's help each other out and we can get even with the leadership later.

We got troops out there that need us.

Thing never where the same again.

So don't ever be afraid to speak your mind just be humble when doing it and know where you stand.

So always be very clear on what you want set your goals and intentions right from the start and if you are looking for a way to get access to a mentor and support from a community, as well as learn how to get your hands on a mentor’s prospecting system into your business just click on the banner below.

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