How To Identify And Speak To Your AVATAR!

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How to Identify and Speak to Your AVATAR!

So have you ever heard or ever been told you need to identify and speak to your AVATAR and just got lost.

And started to wonder what the does an avatar got to do with this.

If so don't feel bad I did to at first, I was like what the heck does these blue people got to do with marketing my home business.

Well you also wondering where the heck did I got this picture from or how did you make this.

Well to answer that question no I didn't make this picture.

I got this picture rendered in ComicCon NYC 2015 at a booth where they where promoting the new movie TORUK - The First Flight inspired by James Cameron's AVATAR.

Now let's get back to the subject in hand because knowing this could really change the way you market your home business or even your network marketing strategies... 

The first thing we will need to know is what is an Avatar?, before we can identify and speak to your Avatar...

What Is An Avatar?

What Is An Avatar

NO it's not the cartoon or the movie AVATAR either..

I always known an avatar to be an icon or figure representing a particular person in computer games, Internet forums, and etc...

Which is some what right but there are a few elements missing and this is why most people get lost when they hear  you must identify And Speak To Your AVATAR.

This is my main reason why I am writing this post to put a end to this confusion.

Let's brake this down what does it mean when you're told to identify your avatar.

Yes it is an icon or figure representing a particular person that you will be communicating your message or going to help, like solving a problem they got and you know how to solve.

In a nutshell an avatar is a person in your target audience that you are trying to reach out to, regardless if you you are trying to sell something or help with a problem that a person will have.

Yes this can be you or someone you personally know even someone you would like to help.

So now how do you figure that out, when you don't know who is your audience you are trying to reach out too.

I know this can be a real challenge for some people and can spend years trying to figure this out.

This can also take some time to figure this out but it is well worth it and it will save you so much time later on down the road.

Remember this will not be easy for an average person to do.

This is why when you are looking for your avatar to identify you want to either be passionate about it or even something you are really good at.

This will make it also easier to talk to your avatar as well, we will get to that in a little bit later on in this post.

Now I will share what I do to figure out who is my avatar is and how I go about it.

I know when I first heard this I was like This is going to be easy.

I going to make my avatar ME!

LOL boy did I ever eat those words.

This can be a double edge sword if you are not clear even if it is yourself.

Here is a great post on getting clear Just click here to get access!

I will go over that in another post.

For example: like with me I wasn't clear when and where I was in life when identifying my avatar.

I thought it was ME! this should be no problem at all.

I was so wrong about that.

Here are a list of a few question you should ask yourself and this will also help you with how to speak to your avatar.

  1. What is his or her biggest problem there facing?
  2. What does he or she do on there free time?
  3. What scares him or her?
  4. What motivates him or her?
  5. How will he or she act under pressure?
  6. What does him or her love doing?
  7. What is his or her strength and weakness?
  8. What makes him or her happy or sad?

Have fun with this really dig deep into this the more you know about your avatar the easier it will to identify and speak to him or her.

Now you know all this how do I speak to my avatar now?

How Do I Speak To My AVATAR?


Now that we got all this out of the way now, when speaking to my avatar do I speak in some kind of secret language, code, or trick?

Some people will make you believe that is what you need to know.

Yes I going to pissed them off now because I am going to tell you the truth.

Yes that right there is no secret language, code, or trick.

Just thinks about it for a second, did you did answer those question above?

I hope you really went as deep as you can go on this.

This is where it will help you out big time speaking to your avatar.

Remember communication is a skill that is mastered over time.

Just like publishing and network marketing.

Now when speaking to your avatar may not be easy for some people, it is simple.

For Example let's say you avatar is a person who really loves Motorcycles.

But he or she loves racing motorcycles and street bikes.

So there is one thing you will definitely know is that this person also loves speed. 🙂

So you could talk to this person about racing or the feeling of going really fast.

Now you start to talk about racing tractors, you are going to loses this person attention really quick.

But David this person love speed though, Yes you are right.

Now hear me real quick, you can talk about racing tractors.

But this how I would go about talking to this person and let's call this person Kim.

Hey Kim did you seen last night race with a street bike and a tractor racing?

Kim said No what happen did the street bike left the tractor in the dust.

I would say No and just laugh a little bit now you got Kim attention.

Now she want to know what happen in the race.

So now I how would I tell the story if the tractor lose the race.

I would start it like Hey Kim did you seen last night race with the street bike and tractor?

Now this time Kim said I missed it but I heard there was a fight before they started racing and who won?

Boy this well be a great conversation and it will be intense.

So it is important to know who you are talking to before you just start talking or sell anything.

This is why you want to identify your avatar you will know who you are talking to.

Here is a bonus video By Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action on TED Talks.

Bonus Video


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