How Important Is Leadership In Business

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How Important Is Leadership In Business

Really how important is leadership in a business.

Things that make you go hummmm.

Well I be honest with you, Is that Ok?



Now let's get right down to it.

Not everybody is born a leader most of them a made or they where force to become one.

There are a lot of reasons why it is important to have leadership or a mentor.

And there are different types of leaders too so we will be going over a lot today.

Besides the fact pointing the way or some of them will blaze the path with you, before you, drag you kicking and screaming or even let you do it on your own.

The funny part some leaders will fight to not being one in the beginning.


Fighting Not To Be A Leader!

Fighting Not To Be A Leeader

Like me in the Boy Scouts when I was asked to be a patrol leader.

Wow I still fit in the shirt after all these years, It was a little tight 🙂

And at first I was like hell NO not me, Lol there was a few reason why I said NO!

It had a lot to do with the fear of the unknown also ridicule and also was a small part of laziness at this point in my life. 

Well the Scout Master and assistant Scout Master got me good an still put in a position where I would have to clean up the mess.

They wind up making me an assistant patrol leader and the patrol leader they found a person who was lazier then me and who didn't know what he was doing.

So lot of the time I got stuck either helping him or even get stuck doing it by my self.

I remember him asking why don't you want to be the patrol leader?

You should of seen his face, he had that look "that is how I exactly feel too".

We will get to that story a little later on in this post.

And I told him why I didn't wanted to be one and this is where we started to see eye to eye now.

This was good for both of us we both learned a lot.

What Kind Of Leaderships Are There


Well you Great one, Good ones, okay ones, bad ones, really bad ones, and everything else between.

So what make a good or bad leadership now remember we are talking about human begins now.

Like me in the Boy Scouts I wasn't a bad leader either was the other was the other person and let's call him Tom for now.

We where both inexperienced and really didn't want to be there as leaders.

Tom and I had a one on one mastermind with out the troop with us.

Actually this was a great idea and plan from the leadership putting us together, I know Tom and me really didn't think so at first.

This made us both become great and strong leaders for our troops and lead them and over coming all challenges that was in our way.

If not we went to leadership for help or guidance to over come challenges..

Yes we both made mistakes on our way, but we learned to work together.

Over time we both developed strong leadership skills by this happening.

Will Having a leadership save you like a hero sometimes but the best hero to have is deep within yourself don't ever be afraid to be yourself or express yourself either.

And what makes a great leader is there not afraid to ask for help when then need it or for advice either from their leader or mentor even their team or troops.

Remember you are not alone this is something Tom and I had to learn.

What Makes A Great Leader

Now really what makes a great leader is a question to ask but, I just can't answer this with one sentence so here we go.

You got to remember we are all human beings even leaders taking beating too.

They will always be clear and transparent with you at all times.

They already have arrows in their back from blazing a path so really listen to what they are telling you.

They might be saving you from having them arrows in your back because they have went down this path before or give you advice how to avoid getting as many arrow as they did.

Their not afraid to show where they have made mistakes and how you can avoid them it is up to to listen to them and take action.

Here is one of the best quality they will have they are great listeners and they are willing to listen to you when you speak as well let you what your chances are or point to someone that does.

If you got a leader like this make sure you let them know you appreciate them either by telling how much you appreciate them as well give thanks as well is taking action on what they tell you should be doing.

Now okay Dave! what the hell does the boy scouts have anything to do with business?

Glad you ask this is a great question to ask, and knowing that the boy scouts is a non profit organization.

The funny part it might shock you that it has a lot to do with business as well as developing leaders.

This will prepare you for the business life or work life you will be facing later on in life.

This is something I realize when writing this post for you How important is leadership in your business or in life it self.

Come on be honest with yourself we all need some type of guidance and guidelines.

Want to learn how to lead here is a great article to read What Does Your Freedom Mean To You? By Maria Barina, It goes over how to lead and a lot of good pointers you should know about anyway.

Hey listen I will go over this a lot deeper in my next post and I will tell you about that conversation Tom and I had that got us both seeing eye to eye.

So always be very clear on what you want set your goals and intentions right from the start and if you are looking for a way to get access to a mentor and support from a community, as well as learn how to get your hands on a mentor’s prospecting system into your business just click on the banner below.

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