How To Find A Mentor For My Home Business

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How To Find A Mentor For My Home Business

This question right here "how to find a mentor for my home business?"  I fought this for years of having a mentor. Who to trust, where to go to find a home business mentor online, and etc... Somewhere in July 2014. I went to an event in NJ that changed my mind about mentoring. A lot of things where to happen to me that never knew. The greatest thing was we got to mastermind with some of the greatest people that even including my mentor. I will share some of these pictures I have from the past 2 event. 

My Empire Pro NJ 2014

My Empire Pro NJ 2014

More the just mentoring

My Empire Pro NYC 2015

These were awesome times there great things come from masterminding with my mentor and his mentees in one place shearing thoughts and ideas. To find out more about masterminding strategy Go Here. Or you might learn somethings while you are there Like I did in 2014 I needed some guidance. And 2015 I learned how to properly build a WordPress blog and it works! LOL guidance can go a long way if you listen and take action. For now just remember these 2 things  1) Success will test your faith 2) Success Loves Speed. So how can you speed things up by finding a mentor that you can communicate and listen to. There are a few question you should ask yourself before looking for a mentor.  

  1. Understand the Mentor's Role
    Did you know that mentors become a part of your team, but you shouldn't expect them to do the work for you. Instead they their role is to guide and teach you along the way. A lot of mentors are passionate about coaching, they says, and they use their experience, expertise, personal success, and wisdom to help entrepreneurs set one's sights on approach to their target. But ultimately you will have to do the hard work of starting or running your Home business.
  2. Are You in It for the Long Term?
    Are you going to be content to still be driving the company? I think building something for the long term that is sustainable is much more rewarding than trying to do a quick short-term trick. I’ve been running my business for over 2 years and I’m still loving it every single day.
  3. What Are You Most Passionate About?
    This is essential that you are not in your professional sector for the wrong reasons, otherwise you will end up not so happy. Now that being said, I wish that my mentor had initially asked me: "What are you really passionate about and what do you find easiest to master?"
    Passion and ease tend to be connected. This is not always because your passion comes naturally. But because you have spent hours upon hours doing research and self-teaching on a subject you want to master or already master. As soon as you can answer this double-edged sword of a question. Then you will start to find other questions about the future and your vision will not be as scary and impossible to answer by doing these question.
  4. What Wakes You Up in the Morning?
    For some us, waking up and feeling motivated to do anything other than the rest can be a real struggle for some. If I had a mentor to asked me what got me going in the morning & what fueled my passion to pursue my long-term goals or what motivated me to do what I did every day, I would of said that I my yearning to break free from a traditional machinist career and work environment. By revealing my true inclinations. I would have developed the courage to become an entrepreneur sooner rather than later. If I didn't fight having a mentor so long ago when I started.  
  5. What Can You Do That Will Most Impact Your Business Today?
    I think many times in the past I would get so caught up in the process that I lose sight of the the end goal and  that is what matters most to our business anyway. Mentors can help you reevaluate some of the core beliefs that you make by asking smart questions like, "what will most impact your home business?" This can gives you a sense of how to keep things in order of the long list of duties that you are constantly having a hard time finishing up.
  6. How Big Should I Grow My Business?
    It is important to have a realistic view of the niche your business is in. Not every business is Uber, which is solving a fairly ubiquitous problem. If you are creating a business in any niche that you are in, it will limit your size. This isn't an essential issue, but you must make sure to set marketing budget and marketing strategy appropriately.
  7. What's Preventing You from Accomplishing Your Goals?
    This question forces you to dig deep inside of you and get past the the BS or better know as excuses. And now the follow-up question is "why?" It forces you to dig into specific reasons why you failed or either made mistakes. This level of self-examination allows you to learn from those mistakes and gives you a higher chance for reaching your current goals that you got set. I got a mentor for few reasons: clarity and accountability.
  8. How Much Time Are You Ready to Devote to This Relationship?
    Setting expectations for any type of relationship is a great idea. Mentors are often really strapped for their time more so than others. Now you could ask potential mentors what amount of time they are willing to give, also as well as what amount of time they expect from you. Are we going to give each other an hour a quarter with quick updates or can I expect us to meet on the weekend for five hours once a month to review some critical planning? This could make a Big difference.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of a mentoring relationship!

Here are some tips for getting the most out of a mentoring relationship!

  1. Always be respectful of your mentor’s time by using their insight and connection as needed and always have communication going on to.
  2. Take notes, take change of your “action items” and over look your progress against these in your next meeting or maybe on a google hangout.
  3. Be organized and be prepared & consistent. No one likes their time to be wasted. If you are not going to take your success serious. Just save both you and your mentor times. Either Just Don't Do It Or Give It Everything You Got remember this is your business.
  4. Plan your mentoring sessions in advance. These could be as simple as having a one-on-one consultation or lunch meeting once a month to discuss where you are against your business goals, how best to tackle business obstacles, getting advice on business processes or regulatory requirements that you don’t understand, and so on.
  5. Casual one-on-one sessions are good, but also have more structured sessions that address different aspects of starting, running, managing and growing your business. A good starting point is for you to prepare a detailed agenda of items to discuss at each meeting.

There are a lot of ways to find a mentor for your home business or anything thing else you are looking for. So on my next post I will be talking about "How To Find A Home Business Mentor For Free!" Really there are a lot of ways to get a mentor for free so I will be going over that with you. And if you are looking to get access to my mentor and support from a community and learn how to get you hands on my mentor’s prospecting system into your business just click on the banner below.

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