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Hi David Barina was a machinist, who is now a Mobile-Preneur. I also help my mother out with fixing the cars, house repairs, and on my free time I like to spend it with my family, friends, and enjoying life like riding my motorcycle when he has time to get on it. Other wise I am creating funnels or helping people to succeed in their business online. Lets talk other things that I like to do on my free time like riding my motorcycle when i have time to get on it I could be gone for hours and won’t even realize it. I also love going to ComicCon when I can. You will meet a lot of awesome people there besides all the great outfits a lot of people make. I will share some pictures to show you what it is like there.

David Barina live in comic con with Yaya  David B in a Corevette

If you want more pictures of Comic con just ask and I will make a post for that. Well I also like to stare at the stars and going hiking. Love to go sightseeing as you see the picture you see of me on top of the page I was in the Grand Canyon. I also love going on road trips cross country so much to see out there. Let’s talk about the time that DB live at comic conI realize I was Comic Con NYC 2015psychologically unemployable. And Yes I was psychologically unemployable before i even knew that I was like this. There was all kinds of signs pointing to this.

Even in school there was some signs showing up. Like that world famous question “What do you want to be when grow up?” LOL You should of SEEN the teacher face when I answered that question. The priceless moments in life we have. And she told no you can’t do things like that. Then I said Why not? with an angry face.

Now she said No do you want to be things like a doctor, lawyer, police, teacher, and etc… I looked right at her and said ” NOPE!!” I rater be Happy and making money with computers helping people by using the internet to reach them. Now remember when I said this I was in 6 grade and this was around 1985 or 1986.

Then she said I can’t people don’t do things like that and there’s no such thing as the internet anyway. I laugh for a few seconds I will find a way to make it happen anyway I use it to research for my homework and that was my face after that sentence. And yes she called my parents. What she didn’t know I had insider new that the Internet was going to go live soon to the whole world. What i was using before the internet was called THE SOURCE. This one of life funny moments I get to enjoy now lol . Look at what is happen all around the world now, How many of us use the internet now and what do most entrepreneurs do anyway. Just something to think about.

Well in 2008 I started realize that having a job wasn’t so much for me. So I turned back to the internet once again You can read about what happen in 2008 over here Never Give Up Never Surrender on you dreams.   

Being  a Mobile-Preneur I got to go to a lot of places and see a lot of people. Like going to events even road trips to Washington State and all up and down the east coast. Sometimes life can get really busy when you are traveling around. Here are some more pictures of places I have been to.DB Live at NYC Comic Con Back To The Future

I love going to NYC Comic Con because you never know who you will meet got to meet with Back to the Future, Dragonball Z, Yaya Han and etc.


DB Live at NYC Comic Con Dragon Ball Z

Here is me with the guys that do the voices of Goku and Vegeta and I got to meet up with YaYa Han again from Cosplay. This time I was in NYC Comic Con 2015 🙂

DB Live at NYC Comic Con Yaya Han

I had a Mastermind in NYC with the best.  Mastermind about marketing strategies for 3 days while enjoying NYC in July.

My Empire Pro NYC2015 More the just mentoring

Went on The Marketers Cruise for 8 days and had fun in Aruba while getting tips and trick from 7 to 9 figure marketers. Come and hangout with us in January.

DB LIVE Take a cruise with us at the Marketer Cruise

The world is your’s to explore, come and join me and see my marketing strategies and lifestyle.

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